Clara Carey

I currently serve as the Short-Term Rental Supervisor at Rivers Realty, having commenced my tenure with the company in April 2022. In this capacity, my primary responsibilities revolve around the meticulous management of property listings and bookings, ensuring seamless check-in and checkout processes, facilitating effective communication with guests, and adeptly managing guest reviews, among various other tasks. My tenure in this role has endowed me with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and intricacies of the short-term rental industry.
Prior to my role with Rivers Realty, I contributed my skills and expertise as an Accounting Assistant in Jamaica. In this capacity, my principal duties encompassed the preparation and regular updating of financial reports, as well as the accurate recording of financial transactions. This role not only honed my proficiency in financial management but also fostered a keen eye for detail and a commitment to data accuracy and integrity.
Beyond my professional endeavors, I have cultivated a deep-seated passion for gardening and the culinary arts. The nurturing of plants and the creative preparation of culinary delights offer me a sense of fulfillment and relaxation. I take particular pride in my culinary abilities and am always ready to extend a helping hand in the kitchen, should the need arise.
In sum, my professional background and personal interests converge to create a versatile and well-rounded individual, dedicated to both the meticulous execution of responsibilities within my professional sphere and the cultivation of a vibrant and fulfilling personal life.

Victoria Aliscano

As the bookkeeper at Rivers Realty, I oversee all upcoming and completed financial transactions. Drawing from my diverse background, which includes previous roles such as manager, cold caller, lead manager, supervisor, and technical support, among others, I bring a wealth of experience to my current position. In my role as Bookkeeper, I manage every request, track all transactions, and follow up with individuals with due balances. Outside of work, I enjoy pursuits such as paintball and watching series.

Jhon Gonzales

As a Maintenance Coordinator at Rivers Realty, I draw upon a wealth of previous experience to ensure top-tier service. Prior to joining the team, I honed my skills as a proactive leader, serving as a supervisor and shop manager for local businesses in Peru. With a dedicated team under my direction, I have consistently prioritized customer satisfaction, consistently exceeding expectations and going the extra mile.

In my current position, I am entrusted with efficiently managing maintenance requests and improving the tenant experience. I organise technician schedules and ensure quick resolution of issues with transparent communication.
Furthermore, my passion for various interests, such as table tennis, cinema and music, enriches both my professional and personal activities.

Shivani Sisodiya

I hold the role of Administrative Executive, where my responsibilities encompass the comprehensive management of Rivers Realty's back-office functions. This entails overseeing critical tasks such as tour scheduling, processing applications, lease administration, handling delinquencies, monitoring lease expirations, facilitating renewals, and maintaining seamless communication channels within the organization.

Prior to my tenure with Rivers Realty, I leverage my skills and expertise as a property manager and host within the hospitality sector. During this period, I had the privilege of engaging with a diverse and international clientele while they were visiting India. This experience honed my ability to provide exceptional customer service, cultivate cross-cultural interactions, and navigate the unique challenges associated with a global clientele.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I possess a fervent passion for gaming and embrace the 'weeb' culture, signifying my deep appreciation for Japanese anime and related interests. During weekends, I actively engage in recreational activities such as playing pool and indulging in arcade gaming, which not only serve as a source of leisure but also reflect my commitment to achieving a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Jay Rios

As the owner of Rivers Realty I do most of the behind the scenes work that contributes to the processes and procedures of the company. My main passion is systemizing and streamlining as much as possible so that our clients and employees are as effective as they can be. When it comes to clients, I'll likely be the first person you come across to offer our tailored services. On the employee side, I see my role as more of a supporting position. While I may be implementing our systems, it's equally as important to ensure that these systems are executed according to plan by everyone.

Previously, I have worked as a property manager helping multi-families run smoothly, and a leasing agent ensuring that units are filled fast. Additionally, I own a portfolio of multi-families myself in the Saint Louis City area. Outside of work, you'll probably find me on the soccer field or on the Tower Grove Tennis Courts getting my pickleball on! If you're ever wanting to hit the ball around, I'm happy to join.