For half a century, we have been a family run trailblazer dedicated to serving our clients in their choice of Real Estate venture. Started by buying investment properties of our own, we've progressively grown to offer a suite of services guaranteed to fit your needs. We’ve called Saint Louis home since the beginning so there’s no question when it comes to how deep our local knowledge runs from zip code, to neighborhood, to street, to building. As investors and home owners ourselves, we know what it's like to be in your shoes. The ups and downs of making one of the biggest purchases of your life is best done with a group of trusted professionals who've been through the process countless times. With open arms, we welcome you to our family and the experience of unrivaled service to go beyond expectations in achieving your Real Estate goals. At Rivers Realty, we are the "current" of prosperity.


When it comes to the biggest purchase of most people’s lives, we’re right by your side as a guiding and advising helping hand, walking you through step by step throughout the process to ensure you’re money is going toward what matters most to you whether that's generational wealth or cultivating a home in which to grow. 


Buying an investment property doesn’t stop with the closing date. That’s only when the fun begins! If you want your asset to perform according to plan then it's a non stop, meticulous, oversight to ensure tenants, vendors, and, most importantly, you are happy with the direction it's going. 


Looking for a completely passive, hands off approach to investing with steady and reliable returns? We may be offering partnership opportunities at this time. If so, you will see additional details on the “Partnering” Page. If we don’t have anything available or fitting at the moment, please click here to fill out our questionnaire and be added to our list of partners so that you’re contacted when an opportunity does arise! We’re looking forward to working together in the, hopefully near, future.


Whether you’re a guest, owner, or entrepreneur looking to arbitrar, we are happy to offer our services! As a guest, you’re looking for a clean, convenient, and well located space that’s not too expensive. Don’t worry, good, clear communication is part of that too! As a savvy investor or entrepreneur, you want to be looking for any and all ways of getting the best returns possible. Short term/vacation rentals are a great way to capitalize on an increasingly popular strategy instead of the traditional non-furnished lease.